Media Work

Neil Back MBE has continually worked with a diverse range of different media bodies throughout his career and is ideally placed for appearances on broadcast media for commentary or punditry work.  An expert in his field and a popular and engaging individual, he continues to present a charismatic and informed view of the rugby world.

His expertise and career history ensure that he is an ideal candidate for interview, insightful and passionate about rugby and the sporting world.  Renowned for his dogmatic approach to achieving the very best results, Neil is always enthusiastic to talk about his own views of domestic and international rugby.

An example of Neil’s experience in the media can be heard on talkSPORT’s ‘My Sporting Life’

For press or media work please contact Amelia Neate at Champions (UK) plc on 08453 31 03 31, Mobile: 07875 939 071 or email