Neil Launches Incredible Back2Fitness Exercise & Nutrition Programme For Gents Looking To Rediscover Former Fitness

5 December 2016 - 5:09pm

It’s a story with which many of us are familiar. As time goes by, our time is increasingly taken up by work and the commitments that come along with family. Almost inevitably, our fitness takes a backseat. Our priorities understandably change and we can no longer maybe manage 80 minutes of rugby or 90 minutes on the football field each week.

So many us are forced, by circumstance and by the passing of our youth, to give up the regular sport and exercise that used to keep us fit.

And it happens to the very best of us – even a World Cup winner like Neil Back.

But our fitness is by no means a lost cause. With today’s launch of Back2Fitness, a fantastic new 12 week exercise and nutritional programme designed specifically to help men rediscover the fitness of their youth, Neil and couple of friends want to help.

The brainchild of Strength & Conditioning Coach Sam Yassin and Nutritional Advisor Jack Baker, Back2Fitness offers a 12 week transformation strategy, featuring a combination of intense workouts and nutrition plans. The scheme is tailored to the individual, varying in its content to accommodate for different body types, known as somatotypes which are determined by how much fat and muscle the body retains.

Back2Fitness focuses on 3 different phases as the 12 weeks progress. Each phase includes a specific diet plan designed to fuel the body as it changes through the process and advocates a strict, clean-eating approach. Participants are educated about the essential role of macronutrients, such as fat, protein and carbohydrates, and the plan recommends men above a given weight take more food on board.

There are two different work-out plans to choose from, Macrocycle Styles One and Two, both of which depend on the individual user’s availability, flexibility and lifestyle. Style One was created to allow for those with a busy schedule and Style Two works best for people who have a bit more time to play with.

Both plans focus on a combination of cardio and weight training to get the best possible results, with sessions incorporating alternative forms of cardio exercises, such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state).

The programme is designed to kick-start the metabolism and accelerate the fat-burning process, with the weight training aiming to add strength and muscle mass by focusing on all the major muscle groups.

The whole programme can be purchased in PDF form or as a hard copy version, in which you can record your progress. Additional supporting items, including gym towels and a protein shaker, are available as well as priority access to Prep Perfect’s specially formulated meals, packed with macronutrients and delivered direct to your door.

Having just completed the full 12 week course, Neil told us, how much of a game-changer Back2Fitness has been for him.

“Back2Fitness was devised for people just like me who used to work out but who’ve fallen out of the habit. Life does that to a lot of us with family, careers and other factors pulling on our time, so it’s a great initiative. And I have to say it really works. I’ve just finished the full 12 weeks and it’s made a massive difference to me. I’m ripped like I always used to be but without quite the same muscle bulk and I feel more energised than I have in years. It’s worth taking a long, hard look at, so just visit and check it out.”

Read the full story of Neil’s 12 week transformation, just visit his special launch blog piece at

Back2Fitness offers gents of a certain age, from a former elite sportsman like Neil to your Average Joe, the opportunity to rediscover the fitness they perhaps once took for granted.

To learn more Back2Fitness and to be kept up to date with its launch, please contact Lauren Henderson on / 08453 31 30 31.